Who We Are

A Great Entrepreneurship
Our Chairman, Sri Nukala Ramakrishna (NRK) born in Agadalalanka village, West Godavari District. He has demonstrated good leadership and high passion for aquaculture activites, which has kept motivated him for success during the last threee decades. His vast experience and knowledge of aquaculture helped many farmers, industries and peer groups to be profitable. During the 1990s, he has developed the supply chain of processed cum chilled fish and shrimp varieties. Since 1999 his cultured fish and shrimps are exported to national and international markets. Our Chairman reflects the meaning of "Lead by Example".

A Great Vision of NRK

His Strong vision of "Quality Farm to Quality Food" drives him to reach every consumer through Aqua Protein in their daily meal. To strengthen his vision he has developed the agro based by-products to cultivate fishes and shrimp with minimum production cost per Kilogram. These enables him to reach fish and shrimp consumers with lower cost per Kilogram of Aqua proteins.

Our Brand

Our feed is named as "KingMei", similar to Kings Meal. It contains sufficient and balanced amounts of 22 key nutrients for producing healthy shrimps. KingMei vannamei feed crumbles are Starters 1, 2, 3 and pellets are 3P and 4S. KingMei vannamei feed has proven effective in successive trail in our 400 acres of farm in West Godavari and Krishna districts. It is now available to help you enjoy higher profits.